Indonesia Chlorophyl Batik

Indonesia Chlorophyl Batik, or Indonesia Natural Leaves Batik, as Ecological Economy Education and Empowerment is an educational activity on making batik using ecology-friendly materials (natural leaves) to make additional economy value to support community empowerment.

Indonesia Natural Leaves Batik is hand-made batik made from natural leaves for its coloring and making mozaic and other processing procedures like color fixation.

All production held by groups of women who are mothers of Junior High School students to make additional revenue for themselves. Some of this to help their children’s school fee payment.

Sometimes, their children (the students) make a help for production process when they are free from school assignments.

For the students and teachers, this activities means:

As live-laboratory to enrich teaching materials on some subjects: natural sciences (biology, chemistry), arts and culture and social sciences.

Using it as teaching materials, teachers who teach natural sciences explain to the students how the chemistric-process working on natural batik production process. How natural materials (leaves, chlorophyll) will be stuck
on cotton.

Teachers who teach arts and cultures explain how local culture-values and arts inspiring the producers (group of women) when they make a product.

Teachers who teach social sciences explain how social relations and social cohesiveness operate among the group of women when they make a product. This, to explain how relationship between parent and children will be enhanced to make a better communication and relationship.

Teachers also explain how to sell the product.


indonesia natural leaves batik
Indonesia Chlorophyl Batik Raw Material


For schools principals, this activity give additional advantages in enhancing school-based management to support public service delivering as public body.

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Indonesia Chlorophyl batik got an award from Government for Local Initiatives for Education and Community Empowerment as 3rd Winner


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